COMBINE positions open

Do you want to be more involved in the COMBINE community? We are excited to announce that nominations for 2019 COMBINE positions are now open! Joining the COMBINE committee is a great way to improve your leadership skills, build your confidence and help the Australian student community (and it also looks great on your CV!).

COMBINE aims to create a vibrant Australian bioinformatics and computational biology student community but to do so we rely on the work of a group of student volunteers. If you would like to help us build this community please consider nominating for a position in 2019. In return you will get an opportunity to develop a range of important skills and exposure to the inner workings of a national society. If there is something you would like to see COMBINE do or an event you would like to see us run this is your chance to make it happen!

Please see this post on our website for more details of the available positions, their roles and responsibilities and how to nominate ( If you know someone who would do a great job but might not apply themselves please nominate them and we will contact them to confirm they are interested. Supervisors, please discuss this opportunity with your students and encourage them to apply, they might be interested but uncertain about nominating without your support!

The current committee is more than happy to answer any questions so if there is anything you would like to know please contact us at

Kind regards

The 2018 COMBINE committee

P.S. Registrations and poster abstracts for this year’s symposium are still open. Come join us in Melbourne for what should be an excellent day of student presentation!